Scientists used to say that humans only use about 10% of their brain. This guy can only use about 10% of his cock.

I never thought I’d be turned on by Ed Asner sucking cock….

He’s being hypnotized into being gay. We all are.

A couple years ago I did this “photoshoot” for my birthday so we could hang up life size pictures of me around the house at my party!

Getyer Roxoff in TO said: OMFG!!! OMFG!!! OMFG!! I am DYING right now. This is the hottest, the ABSOLUTE HOTTEST picture I have ever, ever seen. I would not have been able to hold my phone steady enough to take the pic if I was there. OMFG!!!!

Just drop the shorts and let me kiss you all over! Very nice submission.  Now does the jockstrap come off… or stay on.  Hmmmm! I will let you paint your own picture!  FapFapFapFap! Hehe

Is it Bring Your Twink to Work Day again already?

"Dude, if you keep pouting on the sofa, I am going to shoot you with my naked ray!  Oh, you don’t believe me? …ZAP!  Fuck, dude! You’ve got an awesome body!"

Emily, if your dorm room does come with an attractive male in his boxers ironing things, you can be assured he will not be interested in doing anything with you except watching The Notebook, going to brunch, braiding your hair, and helping you pick out what to wear to class. 

Ending world hunger. One load at a time.

I knew this stud wouldn’t last much longer, so I took him deep into my mouth and let him set the pace until he burst his balls and flooded my mouth with his straight boy cum.

Fuck yeah, Bro..grab that shit…get it ready for me!

#CumFest I knew when the one guy turned the condom inside out to get the last drop of cum that I had found a soul mate

"Is that too deep baby?" he wiggled it firmly inside me, I moaned and looked up at him, "You could never be too deep inside me."